Submission Policy

Products submitted to the ASP download link site will be appropriate for general audiences. It will be the responsibility of the Download Site Webmaster (DSW) to investigate complaints regarding inappropriate material. The DSW may remove links to any software deemed inappropriate for listing on ASP's site. The author of software deemed inappropriate for the ASP website may appeal such decisions directly to the Board of Directors (BoD). At its sole discretion, the BoD may decide to consider or decline to consider any appeal request. If an appeal is considered, the BoD will decide whether to uphold or alter the result of the DSW's decision. The BoD may overrule actions of the DSW, but in that case it is not to be interpreted as a censure of the DSW. If no decision regarding an appeal is rendered by the BoD within ten (10) days of the appeal request, the DSW's original decision shall be upheld by default.


Your ASP member password is needed to add or delete PAD or vendor links. This is the same personalized password that was provided to you to access the ASP newsgroups. If you cannot recall your password, search your email archives for a message from ASP President Terry Swiers where the passwords were distributed. You may also be able to retrieve your password from your newsreader program using a utility such as Password Revealer.

PAD Files

This site requires PAD file format version 1.1 or later which is the point where ASP member information was moved to a separate PAD extension. PADGen version 1.2 or later supports this format.

The following fields are required:

/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Company_Info / Company_Name
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Name
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Version
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Release_Month
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Release_Day
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Release_Year
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Company_Website_URL
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Contact_Info/Contact_Email
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Type
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_OS_Support
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / File_Info / File_Size_K
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Descriptions / English / Keywords
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Descriptions / English / Char_Desc_450
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Web_Info / Application_URLS / Application_Info_URL
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Web_Info / Application_URLS / Application_XML_File_URL
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Web_Info / Download_URLS / Primary_Download_URL
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / ASP / ASP_Member_Number

The following fields are optional:

/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Program_Info / Program_Cost_Dollars
/ XML_DIZ_INFO / Web_Info / Application_URLS / Application_Screenshot_URL

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